Trading Companies

World’s Top 10 Trading Companies

The list provided in this article was generated based on the trading revenues of top world trading companies. Most of these trading firms are actually a part of the larger global investment banks. The information about their trading revenues was sourced from their annual reports and other relevant sources available online.

1.Barclays PLC (BCS)

Despite the fact that the Barclays PLC does not report their trading revenues directly, its annual report can be used to generate the insights. Barclay’s trading turnover comes to GBP 17.6 billion dollars or 10.66 billion dollars, based on their Daily Investment Bank Trading Revenue.

2.JP Morgan Chase and Cooperative (JPM)

JP Morgan managed to safeguard the total trading revenues of averagely 20.26 billion dollars. Actually, the company secured 4.76 dollars from the trading of equities, and the remaining 15.5 billion dollars from trading of FICC commodities, currency, and fixed income. The company is listed as one of the larger trading firms that slightly improved on their trading revenues when compared to the past years, with the gain of averagely two percent.

3.Citigroup, Inc.

The company secured revenues of about 3.02 billion dollars in equity trading and 13.1 billion dollars in FICC trading, which totals to 16.2 billion dollars for the year. Even though, like most other trading companies, Citigroup Inc. has a slight decline in their trading revenues of about 2.8 percent.

Trading Companies

4.Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

This commercial giant is better known for generating a considerable portion of their revenue from different trading activities across FICC and equities. Yet, this has declined significantly from around 78 percent to averagely 45 percent between 2014 and 2018. The company’s overall trading revenue generated 15.7 billion dollars in this year. If you compare year-to-year trading revenue of the world’s top companies, Goldman Sachs Group leads the category of recording biggest decline over the past years.

5.BAC (Bank Of America Merrill Lynch)

Initially formed by the mega-merger of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, the company recorded trading revenues of about 13.59 in this year. This is reported as a decline of averagely 4.8 percent from last year.

6.DB (Deutsche Bank AG)

The Germany based firm recorded total trading and sales revenue of about 13.15 billion dollars (averagely 9.6 billion Euros). The trading revenue of products such as debt contributed around 6.9 billion dollars while equity trading and sales contributed around 2.7 billion Euros.

7.Morgan Stanley (MS)

Morgan Stanley, which is located in New York, is actually a recognized investment bank that generates considerable revenues from trading. Their overall trading revenues for this year were averagely 10.81 billion dollars. This records a drop of averagely 2.7 percent if compared to last year.

8.HSBC (HSBC Holdings)

The company is based in London. It reported the net trading of about 6.921 billion dollars, which lead to a net trading income of about 8.9 billion dollars.

9.UBS (UBS Group, Inc.)

The company is based in Switzerland. It recorded from equities the trading revenue of CHFI 4.03 billion. In addition, it recorded CHFI 1.59 billion from credit, rates, and foreign exchange. The total trading revenue was about CHFI 5.69, which is averagely 5.058 billion dollars.

10.DHY (Credit Suisse)

The bank is located in Swiss, and it reported the trading revenue of averagely CHFI 2.75 billion, which is averagely 2.475 billion dollars from equities and other products.