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Smart Security Systems Improve the Security of Your Home or Business

Recent statistics shows that a house is burgled every three minutes. The statistics sees slow decline even with the government’s increased efforts to lower the crime rate in every city and state.

While deploying more police to patrol the streets day in and day out can help foil break-in attempts, it can only do so much. Homeowners like you also need to take some steps to improve their home’s security. With a combined effort, you can significantly lower the crime rate in your community. Here are some tips that can help moving forward.

Tip # 1: Educate yourself about burglary

To subdue a burglar, you first have to know everything about them, how they operate, when they usually strike, what weapons they use, and which part of a house they normally target. If you know this, it is easier to secure your home. There are a lot of common misconceptions about burglars going around, and staying uninformed could cost your family’s safety. For instance many people think that burglars usually strike in the middle of night when in reality around 70 per cent of burglary happens during the day.

Tip # 2: Lock all possible entrances

Burglars know that their time during each operation is limited so they will make every possible effort to break into your home as quickly as possible. One way they can do it is by accessing through the most accessible entry points in your home. The backdoor or the windows along concealed sides of your home are the usual targets. Make sure these entry points are totally secured with specialised locks. These are not the kind of locks that can be unlocked with a paperclip or tweezers but a much more sophisticated one that burglars won’t be able to open using conventional skills.

Tip # 3: Automate your lighting at night

When light suddenly turns on in your house in the middle of the night, it usually indicates that someone is awake. This may scare away any burglar lurking and waiting for a moment to strike. With today’s technology, you don’t have to wake up throughout the night just to do this. You can now automate your lighting so that it turns on at a particular time. Even when burglars know about lighting automation, they will be hesitant to charge into your home.

Tip # 4: Install a home security system

Long gone are the days when home security systems are only available for the wealthy. As this technology becomes increasingly affordable, it’s now a common amenity adopted in many homes across the country. It’s only a matter of time before it fully becomes a requisite architectural feature. This is perhaps the most effective home security solution you can opt for.

Just as when you thought conventional home security systems are effective enough, manufacturers come out with new technology. Today’s home security systems are smarter and tougher. Those provided by companies like Exact Smart Security use software with safeguards that can learn your unique day-to-day activity, such as when you tend to leave and return every day, regardless of the time of day or night. They also work even if your phone is cut, the Internet is down or the power goes out and these innovations are effective in deterring break-ins.

Smart security systems are becoming all the rage not just in the residential sector but in the commercial sector as well as it makes sense to use them in protecting income-generating properties. If you have a business and you want your facilities to be secure so that you can confidently leave or even be gone for a few days without worrying that someone might break in, installing a smart security system is your best bet.

These are just a few of the things you can do to improve the security of your home or business. Investing in security is a decision with guaranteed rewards. Don’t think twice about it, but you also need to be careful when choosing a home security company as not all of them are reliable. Choose a company that has many years of experience and promotes innovative solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of International Trade

International trade allows countries, states, brands as well as businesses to buy and buy and sell in foreign markets.

It generally diversifies the products and services which can be received by domestic customers. In fact, international trade provides expansion and development potential without risking internal development and research.

Trade doesn’t lack problems. One of the involving countries may earn great profit through exportation but not the importation of goods and services. Also, it can be used to undercut the domestic market by offering valuable goods at cheaper prizes.

International trade has many advantages and disadvantages regardless of the form. Thus, in this article, we have covered various advantages and disadvantages of international trade.

Advantages of International Trade


International trade has endless advantages which include:

• Optimal Use Of Natural Resources
With international trade, every country is able to optimally use its natural resources. This enables each country to entirely concentrate on producing goods suited for its resources.

This helps in reducing and completely avoiding wastage of resources. When natural resources are used properly, it boosts the economic growth of the country.

• Specialisation
International trade results to specialisation as well as encouraging production of varieties of goods in various countries.

Since specialisations result in the division of labour, the cost of producing goods can be relatively low leading to more production and high profits in return.


• Goods Availability
International trade enhances the availability of different types of goods in the market. In this scenario, a country is able to get goods which it’s not capable of producing or which it can’t produce due to relatively high cost through importation from the producing countries at lower cost.

• Large Scale Production
International trade makes a country to produce in large scale not only to feed its citizen but also for exportation to other countries.

This enables countries to dispose of the surplus goods they have in the international market. As a result, many countries adopt large scale production, which leads to advantages of large productions being obtained across the globe.

• Prices Stability
Due to international trade, wild fluctuations of prices are ironed completely. This enables equalisation of prices of goods worldwide ignoring other factors such as transportation among others.

Disadvantages of International Trade

Regardless of the many advantages international trade boast of, there are some disadvantages associated with it among them include:

• Economic Dependence
Underdeveloped countries most rely on the already developed countries to achieve their economic development goals. In such kind of reliance, developed countries take advantage and exploit underdeveloped countries economically.

A good example is whereby many of underdeveloped countries Africa, as well as Asia, have been taken advantage of by European countries and exploited beyond the limit.

• Hindering Home Industries Development
International trade poses a big threat towards the development of home industries, thus hindering their growth leading to collapsing.

This is facilitated by stiff competition as well as unrealistic imports which takes over the local market with cheap goods resulting in death of home industries.

• Political Dependence
Slavery and subjugation are among the things encouraged by international trade. In this case, country’s economic independence is impaired which also endangers political dependence.

A good example is whereby Britains went to India just as traders, but they eventually ruled over India for decades.

Advantages and disadvantages of international trade are endless. The discussed above are just a tip of the iceberg. International trade is engulfed by many advantages and disadvantages at equal measure.

However, there is no time international trade will cease to exist since countries can’t be able to produce all types of goods, meaning they must engage in international trade so that they can import what they lack.

Commercial Property Loans vs Equity Financing

Starting a business is the most effective way to generate income fast. Many people, regular consumers and entrepreneurs alike, are reluctant to gamble on the idea due to the risks and complexities surrounding business creation and management. One particularly critical aspect that requires careful tackling is funding. Depending on the size and type of business, the capital needed may range from a few thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Unless you have enough money to support the business, there are two funding options to choose from—debt financing or equity financing. Let’s face it, not very many people are capable of shouldering the entire expenses of a start-up business, and the least risky and quickest way to realize your plans is through extra hands. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the financing option you will use fits your situation to avoid future backlashes. There’s no better way to determine which financing option works better for you than to compare their pros and cons.

Debt Financing

As the name suggests, this type of financing involves borrowing from a lender. The lender could be a bank or a private financing firm. Whichever you prefer, the debt will come with certain terms and conditions, which detail the payment method, penalties, and interest rate. As with all kinds of funding solutions, debt financing has its share of benefits and drawbacks.

A lender earns from the interest of the loan; they don’t own a share stock in the business, and so you are in control of how you will spend the extra capital you owe them. Your only concern about their involvement is the payment of the loan. Unless you used the business, itself, as the lender’s security, which is very unlikely considering that you understand the repercussions of such a move, they can’t take over the business even in case of default.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to find a commercial property loan deal that suits your needs, especially if you have a poor credit rating. You also need to pay the loan plus the interest. If you fail to plan carefully, you’ll end up losing more than earning, and that could cause you to fall behind on payment, which leads only to a single direction—bankruptcy.

Equity Financing

When you engage in equity financing, you are trading ownership of shares of your business for funding. Your target in this type of financing are anger investors and venture capitalists. These are individuals or entities that are looking for business with high growth potential.

One apparent advantage of equity financing is that you can find funding without borrowing and entering a long-term payment contract. Unfortunately, since you will be proposing the idea to more than one investors, collecting the funds may take some time. Furthermore, you are giving away ownership of the business, which include full control of operation.

Both financing options have proven useful to countless small and large businesses that are still in existence if not thriving today. By weighing your options properly, you can come up with a choice that will work for you. To be absolutely sure, though, consider partnering with an alternative funding solutions provider, such as IBN Direct, in finding the perfect source of fund for your business.

World’s Top 10 Trading Companies

The list provided in this article was generated based on the trading revenues of top world trading companies. Most of these trading firms are actually a part of the larger global investment banks. The information about their trading revenues was sourced from their annual reports and other relevant sources available online.

1.Barclays PLC (BCS)

Despite the fact that the Barclays PLC does not report their trading revenues directly, its annual report can be used to generate the insights. Barclay’s trading turnover comes to GBP 17.6 billion dollars or 10.66 billion dollars, based on their Daily Investment Bank Trading Revenue.

2.JP Morgan Chase and Cooperative (JPM)

JP Morgan managed to safeguard the total trading revenues of averagely 20.26 billion dollars. Actually, the company secured 4.76 dollars from the trading of equities, and the remaining 15.5 billion dollars from trading of FICC commodities, currency, and fixed income. The company is listed as one of the larger trading firms that slightly improved on their trading revenues when compared to the past years, with the gain of averagely two percent.

3.Citigroup, Inc.

The company secured revenues of about 3.02 billion dollars in equity trading and 13.1 billion dollars in FICC trading, which totals to 16.2 billion dollars for the year. Even though, like most other trading companies, Citigroup Inc. has a slight decline in their trading revenues of about 2.8 percent.

Trading Companies

4.Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

This commercial giant is better known for generating a considerable portion of their revenue from different trading activities across FICC and equities. Yet, this has declined significantly from around 78 percent to averagely 45 percent between 2014 and 2018. The company’s overall trading revenue generated 15.7 billion dollars in this year. If you compare year-to-year trading revenue of the world’s top companies, Goldman Sachs Group leads the category of recording biggest decline over the past years.

5.BAC (Bank Of America Merrill Lynch)

Initially formed by the mega-merger of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, the company recorded trading revenues of about 13.59 in this year. This is reported as a decline of averagely 4.8 percent from last year.

6.DB (Deutsche Bank AG)

The Germany based firm recorded total trading and sales revenue of about 13.15 billion dollars (averagely 9.6 billion Euros). The trading revenue of products such as debt contributed around 6.9 billion dollars while equity trading and sales contributed around 2.7 billion Euros.

7.Morgan Stanley (MS)

Morgan Stanley, which is located in New York, is actually a recognized investment bank that generates considerable revenues from trading. Their overall trading revenues for this year were averagely 10.81 billion dollars. This records a drop of averagely 2.7 percent if compared to last year.

8.HSBC (HSBC Holdings)

The company is based in London. It reported the net trading of about 6.921 billion dollars, which lead to a net trading income of about 8.9 billion dollars.

9.UBS (UBS Group, Inc.)

The company is based in Switzerland. It recorded from equities the trading revenue of CHFI 4.03 billion. In addition, it recorded CHFI 1.59 billion from credit, rates, and foreign exchange. The total trading revenue was about CHFI 5.69, which is averagely 5.058 billion dollars.

10.DHY (Credit Suisse)

The bank is located in Swiss, and it reported the trading revenue of averagely CHFI 2.75 billion, which is averagely 2.475 billion dollars from equities and other products.

Learn How To Start An Import and Export Business

The essential standard in export and import business is that if a nation creates a superior item than your nation, you should import the item. In any case, on the off chance that you have preferable items over different nations, export them. Achievement in business relies upon how to exploit contrasts in demand, cost, and quality. Access to import and export business opens up a world brimming with immense contrasts, giving you many chances to succeed.

Importers and exporters have the advantage of offering certain items in a foreign market first. This gives them an extraordinary financial advantage. On the off chance that you can choose an item productively and need different nations, the demand for that item will be high. Exporting to this nation before starting generation is a great job opportunity.

Here are a few hints to enable you to start your import and export business.

1. Make a worldwide corporate picture

You have to construct your validity to make global progress. You are presenting yourself universally as a solid businessman is important regardless of whether you maintain an independent venture. To do this, you have to get your company logo and a decent site. You have an important business area in global exchange. Potential customers will endeavor to get some answers concerning your items. There’s a great deal of chance that on the off chance that they can not discover you on the web, they’ll go to your opposition.


Likewise, all approaching correspondences you sign ought to show your company name, work title, and contact subtleties.

2. Understand export and import frameworks

Ask relevant export experts, for example, Austrade or the office of the nation where you wish to export your items for unique export necessities. Endeavor to recognize many terms of exchange, conveyance, and worldwide installments and the dignity of universal exchange.

3. Realize your business accomplice

Foundation screening is fundamental for potential accomplices previously managing them. You ought to likewise check the contact data given to you by potential accomplices. You have to affirm whether your telephone number, email address, and physical delivery have a place with them. Get in touch with them through the telephone before exchanging products, cash or contracts. Be suspicious of any company or merchant giving you an email address and a cell phone number however delay to give a telephone number and physical location.

4. Abstain from transportation hazard

On the off chance that you are an importer, request assessment before delivery to guarantee the nature of the items you purchase. You can incorporate this in your agreement or installment condition.


5. Set up an unmistakable contract

Planning of a legitimately restricting contract concerning exchange conditions. The terms of an offer, item determinations, installment technique, quality review, mediation statement, and so on ought to incorporate.

6. Be suspicious of extremely liberal offers

On the off chance that the introduction is good to the point that it is unfathomable, it is most likely right. On the off chance that a potential accomplice offers an uncommonly high or low cost of reasonable costs, his or her endeavors might be deceitful. Make sure to check your personality, contact data, and any cases made by a suspicious business accomplice. I trust now you had learned and understood how to start an import and export business.

Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs To Make Real Money

What are some great ideas for starting a home business? There are many different things available, depending only on how much time you should allocate to your business, how much money you can afford, and what you enjoy.

Business Creation Ideas

Creating your product is very simple, depending only on what you want to do. If you would like to write, you can start a business where you write your e-book on a topic you are passionate about. You will then publish this information and sell it to others.

If you are experienced, start a business that sells hair clips, clothes, or even modern diapers. Another popular business idea is to make invitations and other designer stationery. These types of boutique products are actually in demand today.

For a literate computer designer, you’ll need to focus your home business on these talents. You can create invitations and graphics cards designed, or if you are talented and understand graphic design, you can design things like logos and headers of websites.


However, product creation requires a lot of time and effort and may not achieve the returns you want.

Technical Business Ideas

You can start a home-based business that specializes in helping people to technically do things. Services such as website or blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing of social media and even graphic design provide an excellent opportunity to generate a decent income from home.

Providing your technical services to local companies as a consultant may be one of the easiest ways to start a business from home.

Online Store / eBay

Another option is to start an online retail store or eBay. Retailing can be very profitable if you choose the right products and the right suppliers and join the right price. Still owning and operating an online store for a retailer requires you to store the product and manage the inventory.

Online Store

These also require a significant commitment to average returns, not the ideal money that makes a home business.

Home Selling and Home Business Plan Plan

Selling household products such as Avon and Mary Kay, Body Shop is a favorite home business for mothers. While it is a great idea, the only downside is that you should hold parties down and find customers to buy your products to make them worthwhile.

Online Network Marketing

Online marketing is probably one of the most profitable companies in your home, especially if you are looking for your options accurately. There are many systems and tools available to create leverage and automation in your business which will achieve maximum results from your efforts.

Online marketing opportunities are available in virtually any industry imaginable. Personal development, financial education, health/wellness, travel, anything to think about. Choosing a good company is as simple as finding something you are passionate about promoting.

The best opportunities for online network marketing are those that do not require you to buy the product month after month and pay high advance fees. These types of opportunities are known as first-class opportunities.

Whichever you choose, home-based business is one of the best things that you can invest your time and money in.